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Owner/ Hair StylistErica Marie
Owner/Professional Stylist
Being raised by my father, I had to quickly grasp the concept of combing my own hair. At the age of 15 I discovered I had the unique skills to design hair.

I first started by mimicking hair styles seen on TV and in magazines. I later developed the skill to create my own signature styles. Rocking my own creative styles would prove to attract a lot of attention. Women would often stop me and ask "who does your hair? Once I informed them that I styled my own hair, the next question would be " Can you do mine? Before long I evolved into the family. church and high school hairstylist!
Over the years I developed an overwhelming passion for hair and a desire to one day become a professional hair stylist. I decided to pursue my dreams and complete a cosmetology course at Regency Beauty Institute in Mesquite TX.  I enjoy restoring the confidence of women who suffer from hair lost , and I'm dedicated to making my clients happy and providing them with the ultimate transformation experience!

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